Istanbul - Metropolis of TurkeySo I decided to spend some days in Istanbul and to visit some friends over there. The city is just amazing. Istanbul is the 5th largest city of the world, host to 12.6 million inhabitants, divided into 27 districts and surrounding the Bosphorus. Hence, it is located on the Asian and the European continent and actually the only city of the world located on two continents. But there are even more interesting facts about Istanbul to be mentioned…

Though it is certainly a modern metropolis, it still features a lot of historical buildings and elements inherited even from ancient times, which are perfectly integrated into the throughout modern face of Istanbul. So, Istanbul was rightly chosen as European Capital of Culture 2010. But beside sightseeing, there are several other things to do. The city is full of clubs, cafes, bars, cinemas and actually, everything you want. during my stay it were 35ยฐ C, thus, just perfect for feeling good, hanging around and staying at the seaside. The food is of course extraordinary good, so is the beer ๐Ÿ™‚ and Raki is fine, too if you are into it.

Istanbul at Night

Istanbul at Night, Source: Wikipedia

Just see the picture gallery of Istanbul below for yourself!

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