Sally Cat

It's all about $me & the catSince October we got a new cat, actually my family back in Germany and I got only the pics, but until December I’am gonna share the photos with you, coz that is what geeks do: upload pictures of cats on their blogs. So here we go – Her name is Sally and she is young, always up to some stuff while the old cat is kinda pissed, going out all day (and night)…


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Romanian Diaries III – Bucharest, a Culinary Paradise for Friends

Romanian Diaries - Part 2Hey guys, today, I am not going hail the Romanian cuisine, even though I am a big fan, but start out with two basic assumptions: The dog is men’s best friend and stray dogs need trash to survive. As Bucharest has plenty of the latter, it features also plenty of the first. And because I do not want to talk bad about my new hometown I prefer to express the situation this way. Yet, Bucharest is much more than this, but let’s start with the beginning.


Si daca… what if?

It's all about $meMeda just asked what would happen if she would leave just for one week. (In a more civilized country preferable, at the seaside of course) Vacation, nothing special so far. But what would happen if she would leave without telling anybody that she was leaving? What kind of offline messages would to be found after she returns home? Back to our precious internet world? Good question, funny thing, let’s think about it…



Istanbul – Metropolis of Turkey

Istanbul - Metropolis of TurkeySo I decided to spend some days in Istanbul and to visit some friends over there. The city is just amazing. Istanbul is the 5th largest city of the world, host to 12.6 million inhabitants, divided into 27 districts and surrounding the Bosphorus. Hence, it is located on the Asian and the European continent and actually the only city of the world located on two continents. But there are even more interesting facts about Istanbul to be mentioned…

Though it is certainly a modern metropolis, it still features a lot of historical buildings and elements inherited even from ancient times, which are perfectly integrated into the throughout modern face of Istanbul. So, Istanbul was rightly chosen as European Capital of Culture 2010. But beside sightseeing, there are several other things to do. The city is full of clubs, cafes, bars, cinemas and actually, everything you want. during my stay it were 35° C, thus, just perfect for feeling good, hanging around and staying at the seaside. The food is of course extraordinary good, so is the beer 🙂 and Raki is fine, too if you are into it.

Istanbul at Night

Istanbul at Night, Source: Wikipedia

Just see the picture gallery of Istanbul below for yourself!

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Romanian Diaries (2) – Monday Morning in Romania

Romanian Diaries - Part 2Right, after some months of waiting time might be right for another part of my Romanian diary. This time it is about why I was woken up with the police coming into my home, about the weather (greets to an »Italian«, who moved from Dacia Felix to America) and on how to spend your spare time in Sibiu, the cultural capital of Europe (2007). Romania is sooooo… simply surprising…

First of all, weather is great here. We have every day some 26 to 30 °C, a clear sky and the sun is shining. A less enjoyable part is that in Sibiu the wind is also pretty tough, every day, what sometimes turns out to be a bad combination when combined with the heat (as a result, I got a cold). To me it seems to be one of the only reasons imaginable why Mrs. Alina Stefanescu still stays in USA instead of moving back to Romania (a really well done site, indeed!). However, I would like to use this occasion to thank her for the neat demonstration of how some1 Romanians react if they consider their national pride being hurt because foreigners dare not to continuously praise Romania. Probably the »beautiful landscape and nature« would to be praised.2 And to answer the question Alina Stefanescu put to my colleague Alex Cocieru in another part: Yes, WE blog. Not much, but you may see the result here 🙂


  1. However, in general we have fun here. []
  2. Or as Ina pointed out: »If there is nothing to say people tend to praise the nature and the landscape.« Indeed, the incredible beautiful landscapes are to be mentioned here first, followed by some old houses and decaying castles. But also a small shopping mall might turn out to be considered a remarkable touristic feature. Good for me, as I am not a big fan of nature and landscapes. []

Romanian Diaries (1) – Where the Heck is Romania?!

Romanian Diaries - Part 1After staying in Romania for some six month now I am thinking of writing down some experiences from my stay abroad and to share my insights with you. But let me start with a short introduction to Romania and its history. Where is Romania? Is it a real state or rather a state of emergency? What are the Romanians like? And how did I got here? All this questions are to be answered first and the answers might be surprizing….

Map of RomaniaFirst of all, Romania is a country in South-Eastern Europe (some would account it to the Balkans but most Romanians strongly oppose this idea) and, it is a rather beautiful country. Unfortunately it is populated, as the Romanians use to add. Means: things could be better and somehow, the population living there is in some regards responsible this for. Another joke in this regard is that Romania is not a state, but rather a state of emergency (România nu este o ţară ci o stare).

However, for now I want to leave these Romanian (self-) ironical qualifications aside and stop this part with the conclusion, that Romanians are always eager to criticize themselves and their country in the sharpest ways, but on the other hand, they do not like it at all if strangers do so. When it comes to international relations Romanians are very proud of their country and their ethnic heritage, which they consider to be a unique miracle in history.


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